Nov 16, 2003
Music Genres

The youth of today does'nt have much of a broad musical spectrum, its either punk or rap, I dont fancy either. I'm into Trance, Black Metal and Orchestra, my favorite bands being: SystemOfaDown, Prodigy, Rammstien AND.................... outkast, THATS RIGHT, I FUCKING LIKE OUTKAST, shut up because they're not a rap group, or anything you would expect them to be. I think kids should be more open minded about music, and its meaning, thats why I like SOAD they have meaning, it's not just usless screaming about how your girlfriend dumped you and daddys bein mean, or about how yo ride gots dem twentay fows.

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Im John

Yeah I saw somone else had this type of site thingie so I made one, for I am un-original. No reason really, I'm just bored, so i guess i'll put my feelings and thoughts and all that jazz here, and in a week or so it will be the most happ'nin place on the web. ~Cya 'round SweetHeart~

Posted at 10:26 am by BunchMan09
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Im Bunch, I just made this place so I could express my thoughts and hear your peoples opinions, so feel free to comment. Check out, its good stuff.


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Damn im sexy.

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